Essential Factors That EVERY Venture Capitalist Considers When Investing Their Money According to Mark Hauser

As the founding and managing partner of Hauser Private Equity, Mark Hauser has spent years working to hone his craft while helping others to build better businesses. A seasoned and experienced venture capitalist with years of collaborative work helping to seed start-ups of all ages, Hauser was more than happy to share some of the key insights that have made him so successful across the years.

More importantly, Mark Hauser has made it a focus to help connect clients with the right investors to make their business goals a reality. With the right partnership, anything is possible – so let’s take a closer look at how Hauser helps his clients succeed.

Building a Team to Succeed

Finding a venture capitalist that believes in your mission statement can be hard enough to fathom, much less accomplish. Mark Hauser believes that the key to financial success concerning finding an angel investor is through the development of a professional and prepared team.

Mark Hauser believes that passion helps businesses thrive and that investors want to see passion mirrored in the eyes of their potential partners. Investors also want to see that team leaders are ready to remain committed throughout the entirety of the process.

Developing a Key Product or Service

Before a startup investor can put money behind a good or service, they want to see that the product has the kind of legs necessary to survive the scrutiny of the marketplace. Mark Hauser suggests investors spend extra time working with their development team to make sure that their goods and services are unique, distinct, and able to stand up to scrutiny.

Mark Hauser thinks it is of the utmost importance that business owners do not skip this step in the process, as it will be brought up in discussions at a later time.

Room For Growth in the Future

More than anything, investors want to see that a business can withstand the test of time and eventually overcome it, as well. Startup investors want to see a business that can expand on its financial needs are met, and its growth begins. This means working with an investor to target pricing, marketing, and other sales strategies along the way.

Mark Hauser stated, “A startup with a detailed growth and expansion plan has increased chances of attracting investor interest.”

Start-up businesses should take the time necessary to outline what it is that they aim to accomplish in the future. With a little bit of planning, an investor and start-up can connect over a shared roadmap to success.


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